Pühaste Beerparty 2018

Õllepidu is coming again.
Pühaste Brewery is celebrating it’s 2nd birthday!
22 best micro breweries form Estonia and abroad are represented. Different live music and DJ’s will carry the day into the night.

Live:  Andres RootsSwamp Mine and Elephants From Neptune
DJ : KalevK and Ferdinand

Brewery list:
CoolHead Brew (FIN)
Zagovor Brewery (RUS)
Anderson’s Craft Beer (EST)
AFBrew (RUS)
Käbliku Pruulikoda (EST)
Tempel Brygghus (SWE)
Whitefrontier (CHE)
Põhjala Brewery (EST)
In Peccatum Craft Beer (ESP)
Sori Brewing (EST)
AleBrowar (POL)
Õllenaut (EST)
Tanker Brewery (EST)
Vibrant Forest Brewery (GBR)
Peninuki Napsukoda (EST)
Purtse Brewery (EST)
Alus darbnīca Labietis (LVA)
KOLK Brewery (EST)
Lehe Pruulikoda (EST)
Original Ritterguts Gose (DEU)
Pühaste Brewery (EST)


To try the beer, you’ll need to purchase a 8€ ticket which gives you a festival glass that you get to keep and 3 tokens. Beer is served only in festival glasses and sold for tokens not cash. 100ml beer costs depending on speciality of the beer 1 or 2 tokens.

New website

We now have a new website 🙂