Alc vol 4,7% OG 11,5P FG 3P IBU 37 Serving temperature 6-8°
Description Crispy Pilsner with delicate malt character and a fruity touch of Australian Vic Secret hops.
Malts Pilsner, Caramalt
Hops Vic Secret


Session IPA

Alc vol 4,6% OG 11.3P FG 2.7P IBU 40 Serving temperature 10-14°
Description An easy drinking American Session IPA bursting with fresh citrus flavors.
Malts Pilsner, Wheat, Dextrin, Premium English Caramalt
Hops Citra, Columbus, Mosaic


India Pale Ale

Alc vol 6,9% OG 16.4P FG 3.9P IBU 70 Serving temperature 10-14°
Description Bold Tropical IPA brewed with Vienna malt. Hopped massively with Mosaic and dry hopped with Vic Secret.
Malts Vienna, Premium English Caramalt
Hops Mosaic, Vic Secret

Madame Butterfly

Amber Ale

Alc vol 6,0% OG 15.6P FG 4.5P IBU 35 Serving temperature 8-12°
Description Amber ale brewed with Earl Grey tea, American hops and cornflower blossoms.
Malts Pale, Munich, Cara Brown, Cara Munich Light
Hops Cascade, Willamette



Alc vol 6,6% OG 19.3P FG 7.7P IBU 35 Serving temperature 8-12°
Description A silky porter full of dark chocolate notes and caramelly maltiness accompanied by tingling hoppy finish.
Linnased Pale, Munich, Chocolate, Dextrin, Brown, DRC, Melanoidin, Black
Humalad Centennial, Willamette


Imperial Stout

Alc vol 11,2% OG 27.2P FG 8P IBU 80 Serving temperature 14-16°
Description A luscious Imperial Stout aged on raisins and rum soaked vanilla beans.
Malts Pale, Munich, Chocolate, Roasted Barley, Crystal T-50, Heritage Crystal, DRC
Hops Magnum, Northern Brewer

Lime Gose


Alc vol 3,8% OG 9,1 FG 1,8 IBU 12 Serving temperature 4-7°
Description Aromatic, sour and salty wheat ale seasoned with lime peel and Himalayan salt.
Malts Pilsner, Wheat, Melanoidin
Hops Citra